In Malaysia, four people have been arrested for recording the movie Transformers inside a cinema using their cellular phones, as movie piracy syndicates attempt to distribute advance copies of the movie on DVD.

The latest to be arrested was 40-year-old mother of four, who had already recorded 45 minutes of the movie using a Nokia 3230 mobile phone. When questioned, she told police it was just for fun, but authorities did not find it amusing.

Syndicates in Malaysia are believed to be paying up to RM10,000 for the recording of an entire movie, which they then distribute in the low-end DVD blackmarket.

Among those arrested within the week were a 21-year-old student and  a national sepak takraw player. Police said the student was recording the movie for the syndicate.

Transformers: The Movie has been playing in Asian cinemas this week. It was released by Paramount Films on June 27.

Transformers:The Movie was based on the popular 80s cartoon series that had vehicles transforming into robots as they engage in a classic plot of good vs. evil. In the movie, the characters come to life with astounding computer graphics that took 350 animation experts to accomplish.

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