BIR lawyer sex scandal in Cagayan de Oro; video sold in VCDs!


The PinoySpy Institute Scandal Studies (P.I.S.S.) received A1 information of a sex scandal in the Bureau of Internal Revenue Office (BIR) Regional Office (Region 10) in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines.

The government employees involved, male and female, are both married and part of the sex scandal video clip even showed them in uniform (before they undressed, of course).

BIR sex scandal in Cagayan de Oro

The BIR Sex scandal has been reported on Sunstar Cagayan De Oro:

*Questions rise on sex scandal – mentions that photos of the sex scandal have spread far and wide around the internet; mentions that photos were first circulated via email as early as October 20, 2006; mentions that the woman was confirmed to be a BIR employee.

* New sex scandal involves gov’t employees – mentions the existence of the BIR sex scandal, and that it’s being sold in CDs.

And we have some more details:

The intelligence information I got from PinoySpy agents from the field:

* The video is now being sold in VCDs (video CDs) in Cagayan De Oro City, and possibly soon in Quiapo and Sta. Cruz, Manila. The video clip is not animated, but rather a compilation/slideshow of more than 50 pictures saved in video format.

* The man is a lawyer from Manila, married, assigned in the Bureau of Internal Revenue Office (BIR) Regional Office (Region 10) in Cagayan De Oro City.

* The woman, married has two kids.

* The pictures were allegedly seen in the BIR man’s office computer, apparently by an officemate. During this time, the lawyer was said to be in Manila.

* The location was identified as City Lodge in Cagayan De Oro City.

The grainy pictures, taken with a cellphone camera, included:

* A close-up photo of the woman.

* A photo of the woman with legs spread, holding her knees up to her chest, exposing her genitalia.

* A picture of the woman sitting on the toilet, naked, and smiling to the camera.

* A picture of the man humping the woman, Only the backs are showed.

* A picture of the woman bent over on the bed, exposing her anus, and looking back at the camera.

Hindi ko ipo-post ang mga pictures dito because of their scandalous nature, and to save the poor girl of whatever is left of her dignity. The photos sent to me are hosted on imageshack. I will not give the links, but if you’re a real pinoy spy, you know where to look.

Calling on the BIR office in Manila: Investigate this matter before it blows on your face. The pictures are spreading like virus, and it’s mostly the woman who is shown on the images.

We have no information if the persons involved have resigned, were fired, or left town out of shame.


Ito ang paulit-ulit kong sinasabi sa mga Pinay: wag papayag na magpakuha ng picture or video in “compromising situations.” Don’t allow yourself to be photographed or recorded on video while doing what should be private.

When the guy says: “Promise honey, di ito makakalabas. Sa atin lang ito.” DON’T BELIEVE THE DICKHEAD. If you just look around the internet and see these sex scandal videos of private individuals being feasted upon like we’re having one Philippine Sex Scandal Film Festival, you will realize that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “SECRET”. Lalabas at lalabas din yan.

Recent example:

* Holy Angel University Scandal, Angeles City Philippines – the girl knew she was being recorded with a cellphone videocam by her boyfriend (now an ex). The video leaked out.

In the case of the BIR sex scandal, the woman was obviously aware that her pictures were being taken by the man because she was posing for him. Maybe she really trusted him so much or she was swept away by the “moment.” Maybe they didn’t care that they were both married (but that’s their personal issue).

Now she doesn’t realize she has become an Internet porn star, and she didn’t even make money out of it. May have been better if she joined the Viva Hot Babes (yes, she’s quite a looker) and made money out of her skin.

Was she a victim? Or was she a willing participant? Only she can answer. As for the lawyer macho taxman guy, he’s saved his face. Literally.

Lesson 1: Don’t trust a lawyer with your “evidence.”

Lesson 2: Erase. Erase. Delete your private files.


If you have any other information on the BIR sex scandal in Cagayan de Oro, report it to SpyLolo. You know how to contact me.