Indecent exposure: Pinay caught bathing nude outside home!

(PinoySpy News Service) — An unidentified Pinay was caught bathing nude outside her home in a crowded neighborhood in Metro Manila, shocking neighbors who saw her from their windows.


Under Philippine laws, public nudity is a violation of city ordinances. Though the suspect was bathing nude within her walled property, her acts are still scandalous based on the social norms of the predominantly Catholic country.

According legal experts interviewed by the PinoySpy reportorial team, the suspect was still liable to public nudity even if she was within her property, because she can been by neighbors and passersby.

“This kind of behavior is not acceptable, what if my children see this? Or what if my husband sees that, don’t you think evil thoughts would enter his mind? That’s scary!” said a concerned mom who saw the pictures.

PinoySpy photo experts believe the suspect is of legal age, and can therefore appear in FHM Philippines or Maxim Philippines.

40 Responses to “Indecent exposure: Pinay caught bathing nude outside home!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    san sa manila to?

  2. bigfat says:

    she looks good! but the wall is bad. i love chocolates, isnt she?

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is no wrong. let allow the women to do like men in the public life. there is no offence if the male walk half nude and for women it is a offence. all the laws of this land were written by the men. allow woman to write their own law. so that they can live and enjoy like men. thanks to that woman who put a nice show to the millians long life her sooul.

  4. gotonit says:

    alang vidoe?

  5. funny says:

    ilike the boobs:

  6. comcast says:

    i dont care at all. nothings wrong with it. forget about religion.

  7. utalutal says:

    Anak ng ^$&*! ganda ng tayo nun, napapa-english tuloy ang mga kamaganak ni tarzan:

    “me think look gud she body! bad wall! no wrong! no wrong! no offence only depence! isn’t she?”

    wehehehehe! thank a millians!

  8. pokebot says:

    ang utog!

    pero dapat wala nang big deal jan… loko yang mga religious sect,’kala nila cla nlng ang tama MGA HIPOKRITO HIPOKRITA!… boysiiit!

  9. dado cabrera says:

    there is nothing wrong for taking a bath meron naman wall ang mali yung kumuha ng picture na mamboboso…..

  10. darry says:

    alam ko un ah?nkita ko n un dati kong ksmhan s work un

  11. Anonymous says:

    pustahan tayo ang kumuha nyan namboboso lang. umakyat pa yata ng pader kaya’t di kasalanan ng babae yan.

  12. jake says:

    what the fuck!!!!! she’s hot…you have that kind of boobs…to bad thire’s no pussy….shitt.. she’s nice..making me horney!!!!

  13. raffy says:

    saan kumuha ng tubig si lakisuso sa pagpaligo,di ba may water shortage sa maynila.

  14. raffy says:

    panu nakuha ang picture?? mamboboso ang kumuha

  15. raffy says:

    panu nakuha ang picture?? mamboboso ang kumuha

  16. pope says:

    wala lang gusto ko lang magsulat ng comment

    dapata talaga pagbawal yun

  17. Anonymous says:

    anong bawal? bakit si eva at adan ba nun ginawa may damit.

  18. aiconoclast art says:

    ala bang mas magandang view don..ung front view

  19. aiconoclast art says:

    well if the jerk wasn’t a peeping tom then this wouldn’t be news right?so leave the people alone and let them have their privacy…

  20. WTF says:

    WTF privacy are you talking about. SHe was taking a bath naked outside the house!

  21. joe says:

    thats my wife, close your eyes…. seriously. next time you take a pic of her i’ll take your camera away! please take it off the site, thanks.

  22. hanakanamputa says:

    kanya-kanyang trip lng yan.

  23. Mr Senator says:

    Joe, is that your wife really? Then why don’t you build her a freakin’ decent bathroom so she doesn’t have to go naked outside the house? Get a job.

  24. DEFCOM says:

    Shiiiitttttttttttttt! Sarap ng BOOOOOOOOOOOBSSSSSSSSSS niya….!!!! hehehehehe

  25. aha says:

    ungas talaga ang kumuha ng pic. na yan.di na nahiyang mamboso dapat pumunta nalang siya sa angeles baka walang pam bayad. kaya namboso nalang wala namang masama dyan sa pic.
    sa spain nga walang mga bra sa beach.

  26. japan says:

    bkit bawal? sa ibang bansa nga naka nude sa beach lahat hehe.. tsaka sinilip lang yan nun kapit bahay malay ba nya na kinukuhanan sya.. sana kapitbahay ko yan ako lang makakakita ng pic dko ishare

  27. karumaldumal says:

    ok lng naman ahh..ano magagawal nla ehh masarap maligo sa labas…

  28. iSF1 says:

    me also speak tarzan, shit girl enjoy bathing outside house.

  29. uwagan says:

    let allow them..pra marami kaming sumaya,hehehe..pgkalami sa sure burikat na!

  30. stalker says:

    well pabayaan nyo nlng yan, at least matulongan pa nya ang mga boys na kapitbahay nya…

  31. Buff-ting says:

    no offence dont get me wrong itong pic na ito ay di maganda pero violation coz its a catholic country cmon tagapinas ako pero nasa london na….ito ang dahilan kaya mostly ang mga lalake o babae sa pinas ay nagrerebelde kasi ang daming rules…kaya mostly na tao sa pinas ay mangboboso dahil sa catholic rule man…dont get me wrong im a catholic but there is certain things that i dont like about being catholic….

  32. tube says:

    goshhhhhhhh sana niyaya mo ako dalawa tau dyan…pwede maulit sa susunod fucos mo naman,,, laki boobs mo talaga tayung tayo.. nakaktakam…hahahah tulo laway ng kumuha noon. di kaya siya nahulog sa pader…hhehehe

  33. cardinal kazmot says:

    putang ina shot yan hinda pa whole body!

  34. andrew says:

    pa email naman ng pics salamat po,

  35. bassai says:

    kukuha lang ng pic di pa nilubos, next tym front view,kung kaya mo mas malapit mas maganda../gg

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