voyeurism1Eight male soldiers currently in active duty in Iraq are in hot water over allegations that they photographed and recorded videos of as many as 21 female colleagues as they showered in the Fort Dix US Army base in New Jersey.  An Army statement said commanders in Iraq learned of the allegations on May 21 and a criminal investigation was initiated two days later.

An Army spokesman, said the soldiers face four potential charges: indecent acts, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and making false statements.

The photos and videos were allegedly taken in a training in 2008, just before the Manassas-based 266th Military Police Company of the Virginia Army National Guard went to Iraq in December. The 150-strong unit was deployed to train Iraqi police.

The women were in the barrack’s showers when the photos and videos of them taken. Spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said that “as many as 21 female soldiers may have been victimized.”

Fort Dix public affairs officer Carolee Nisbet  said:

I know what was alleged and that we had soldiers involved in behavior that is somewhat disappointing, if in fact the allegations are true. We expect the soldiers to live up to Army values and 99.9% of them do.

This is still an allegation. They are still actively doing their duties.

The voyeurism in the US Army training camp was exposed after the father of one of the female soldiers  sent a letter to Army leaders informing them of what happened.