Now that iPad is in the open with millions of units sold already, interested parties are wondering which one performs better as e reader. Is it still the Amazon reader or is it the Apple iPad as many have predicted before? In other words, with the iPad now and with other tabletssoon to be available that will use LCD or OLED technology, has the e-Ink reader become obsolete? Or is this technology still relevant?

Many gadget enthusiasts have tested the comparison exercise. They put the iPad against the Amazon Kindle 2.0 under dissimilar light conditions to determine which of the two technologies were more readable. So if you were handed one of each, which would you pick out to read with more? The answer, as was shortly found out, was not so cut and dry . The findings is that the Apple iPad is enough? for light daytime indoor reading, but fails significantly as an outdoor reading gadget . On the other hand , e-Ink readers such as the Amazon Kindle are much more optimal for long duration reading indoors and out-of-doors during daytime hours.

Surprisingly, the Apple iPad better in dimly lit rooms and in complete dark. As a result , many people are now seriously pondering to buy the iPad to replace their Kindle for reading in bed at night, citing less chance for disruption of their spouses and less eyestrain than using a Mighty Brite or equal LED clip lamp with the Vizplex display on the Kindle. In reality, many are fairly still undecided if White on Black or Black on White was the favored color scheme for night time reading, but almost all agreed that the Kindle reader application was superior to the iPad overall, for voracioust readers in any light condition.

Given this practical finding , people are now anticipating that the future e-books will be more like a rich content web page rather than a static page of text with images. If that is the case, than the iPad or similar mobile devices might become an acceptable substitute for a traditional text book since eye strain might be held to acceptable limits because static page content might be limited too – buy again, this is just a rough guess though. Many people find out that when they surf the web on my iPad for an hour or so, they experience noticeable eye discomfort . There is no deal on which technology is better at viewing a monitor screen static image over long periods of time or under natural lighting conditions. E-ink technology wins clearly in this comparison . Its not even close. However, if one throws in rich text content and moving color graphical images into the mix, the iPad should win hands down if the viewing period is kept to an acceptable limit.