Cellphones keep secrets, and when they are lost or stolen, secrets are exposed.

It is no wonder Angelica Jones (who appeared in Mr. Suave) cried and was almost pleading on TV when she was interviewed regarding her missing cellphone.

The cellphone was in her bag, which got lost or probably stolen during an evening event. She left the bag on a table and asked somebody to keep an eye while she’s away.

She was crying not because of the cellphone (that can easily be replaced) but because of the memory card where her “secrets” are kept.

These included personal pictures, text messages, videos and her address book. Indeed, maiiyak ka kung sa yo nangyari ito. Knowing that celeb scandals are hot stuff nowadays, she has reason to shed tears.

Let’s hope Angelica Jones finds her cellphone, but for sure, those secrets are no longer secrets.

Next time iha, ingatan mo cellphone mo. Friendly advise from SpyLolo. If you need my help, Angelica, email me at spylolo[at]pinoyspy[dot]net. Hahanapin natin cellphone mo, pero pa-share ng secrets, k?


Angelica Jones