With persistent talk that the photos of Angelica Panganiban for the Ginebra San Miguel (GSM) 2007 calendar were “photoshopped” , edited, or digitally enhanced to hide lumps and bumps, now comes out photos of her in the dressing or powder room during the shoot or pictorial.

Angelica Panganiban has earlier denied on TV that the Ginebra Calendar pics were enhanced.

[see photo: Angelica Panganiban Ginebra 2007 Calendar ]

Angelica Panganiban dressing room pics

In the dressing room photos (below), which were shared in the Forum by “Optiplex”, Angelica Panganiban is seen in different sexy outfits, in relaxed posture (not stomach in chest out), and wearing eyeglasses. Yes, she was looking at the camera, so she knew she was being photographed.

The Philippine cyberspace is now abuzz with comments of how different were the calendar pictures from the “dressing room” pictures where her baby fats were showing.

Without being naive, the production team for the calendar has to enhance the images if needed. Who would want to see Angelica Panganiban promoting GSM with her baby fats? Of course, Angelica would not allow her baby fats to show in the calendar so she herself would allow some editing or enhancement. She’s not exactly modelling for Anchor Milk or Dra. Vicky Belo’s liposuction business.

The persons who leaked this photos obviously belonged to the pictorial crew. Whether their intention was to embarrass Angelica or simply to drum up buzz for GSM, we will never know. Suffice it to say, this will generate more publicity for Ginebra San Miguel.

Is this just a publicity gimmick by GSM, or an Angelica-hater getting back at the sexy Pinay celeb?

According to my source in the magazine industry, such pictures of the model were necessary to identify the “areas that need improvement.” The digital artists need to see the imperfections in the model’s body, and also to make sure that the enhancements will not deviate too much from what’s real.

Here is one of “secret photos”:

Angelica Panganiban

The others can be seen by clicking these links…


Spy Lolo: Bata pa kasi yan si Angelica, kaya may baby fats. Kasi pinipilit nyong magpasexy eh baby pa sya. Angelica, suportado ka ng Lolo mo. Don’t worry, I’m always behind you.

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