PinoySpy News Service (Manila, Philippines) – Responding to complaints about nasty underarm or armpit odor that has been bombarding the public in places such as the MRT/LRT, jeepneys, public buses, the NAIA airport and even in Jollibee, the PinoySpy Committee on Public Safety has launched Oplan Dagdag-Tawas in a bid to raise public awareness on this menace.

“This is a form of terrorism! It’s like being bombed with chemical weapons,” said a complaint received by PinoySpy from a pretty but poor college student in Manila who rides the jeepney everyday.

Oplan Dagdag-Tawas (not to be confused with dagdag-bawas which is a form of regular cheating in the Philippine elections) aims to encourage all Pinoys to increase the use of tawas, a crystalline rock that has been used for ages as an anti-perspirant.

In its barest form, tawas can be bought from the local markets in powder form. It looks like shabu but it’s not. Tawas products are also available in supermarkets and department stores in the form of soap and sprays.

Compared to deodorants, tawas is more effective because as an anti-perspirant, it acts like a second layer of skin under the armpit thus preventing perspiration in that area and without sweat, bacteria can’t grow.

The PinoySpy Dagdag-Tawas campaign aims to maximize PinoySpy’s massive reach and bring the message across all socio-ecomic levels of society because underarm odor is not only limited to construction workers and jeepney drivers — although they are known for that — but even affects the high and mighty like the corrupt public officials and politicians.

The public is encouraged to support this campaign by helping distribute the Dagdag-Tawas campaign poster. Initially, PinoySpy has asked the 30,000 members of the forum to share the poster with their friends and also ask jeepney drivers to display the posters inside their vehicles.

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