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WTF! US government is now spying on MySpace?!

The American BigBrother is now spying on your sister and my brother on MySpace. We already know that undercover policemen are already “embedded” in MySpace, trying to sex fiends and criminals who brag about their exploits, but now, according to a Sploid report, the US National Security Agency is prying into social networking sites possibly looking for terrorists! If you’ve got a MySpace friend named Cindy bin Laden, remove her from your friends list now! Never mind if she’s got big boobies! Those might be bombs! My oh my! Those pinays on the photo are holding some...

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6/06/06: The Omen on a creepy date

The Da Vinci Code and the whole controversy has renewed interest in symbolisms, and there is no more symbol that has fascinated or rather spooked modern times than the number 666, the so-called “number of the beast.” The Anti-Christ! And tomorrow, 06/06/06, the remake of “The Omen” premieres in the US. The movie tells of Satan returning to Earth in the guise of a little boy with 666 tattooed on his forehead. Tomorrow’s date is 6/06/06 (remove the zero’s and you get 666!), and the superstitious are seeing the date’s numbers as an omen of something that will happen, presumably something dark and evil. Some doomsdayers are waiting for the coming of the Anti-Christ, which others deem to be another terrorist attack on the US. The number 666 and its significance comes from the New Testament book of Revelation. But I did a little research and soon found out that the Revelation was written by first-century Christians who were persecuted by the Roman Emperor Nero, and they used “666” as a code for his name, thus the evil connotation of that number. There are people who are afraid of 666. This fear is called “hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia”. Expectant mothers are avoiding the 06/06/06 date of birth for their babies, either by delaying their labor, or moving their delivery a day ahead, possibly by caesarian section. They fear that they will give...

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060606: Are you ready for 06/06/06?

The date June 6, 2006 (06/06/06) has already created some ripples, first among expectant mothers who dreaded giving birth on that day, because it bears the “number of the beast”: 666. They were afraid of “spawning devil children on Armageddon day”. Some are even raising fears of another terrorist attack on the United States (an omen?) because the date is very unique and considered ominous by those who believe in the occult. Oh and don’t forget, a remake of The Omen (Fox) will be released on 06/06/2006. Here are some ideas for 060606: * A national Listen to Slayer day in America * Naming your child Damien if he/she’s born on that day Related article: 666: What’s in a Number? Check out this site: Rapture Index: The prophetic speedometer of End Time Activity Wag lalabas ng bahay sa 06/06/06! Wag maliligo sa...

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