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Snapperazzi: Ordinary citizens as paparazzi

. The advent of digital imaging technology and the popularity of small digital cameras and cellphones with mini-cameras has created a new kind of paparazzi – the citizen paparazzi also called the “snapperazzi”. “Celebrity spotting, a favourite pastime of many, is being vaulted to new levels of possibility. Ordinary folk, already labelled in the US and Britain as “snapperazzi”, with mobiles poised and a gossipy nose for news, are making good pocket money selling their shots of celebs to supermarket weeklies,” writes the Sydney Morning Herald in the article The power of the citizen paparazzi. In the Philippines, some snapperazzis have made a name for themselves among the underground networks of Yahoo Groups, although it’s not quite clear whether they have made money from those paparazzi photos. Yubi Akira, considered a prolific snapperazzi in a known Yahoo Group, has joined the PinoySpy Forum and posted this pic of Angelene Aguilar on the Forum topic “Artista Daw?“. . “Sa Starbucks sa Petron South nakunan ko… sabi nang mga kasama ko artista daw… kilala nyo?”, says Yubi. He didn’t know it was Angelene Aguilar. More snapperazzi photos of Angelene Aguilar from Yubi...

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Nina Atienza, Aldred Gatchalian vs Cass Ponti, Bianca Gonzales in PinoyBigBrother Battle

Is is possible to pit PinoyBigBrother teens Nina Atienza and Aldred Gatchalian, PBB Celebrity Bianca Gonzales and PBB sensation Cass Ponti against each other? Yes, in the PinoySpy PBB Battle, a unique competition where site visitors choose the winner in one-on-one matches between past and present housemates of PinoyBigBrother. Created by the PinoySpy Coders, a group of volunteer web programmers developing applications for PinoySpy, the PBB Battle is patterned after the popular Celebrity Battle, and the concept is simple: Each housemate is pitted against another, and the site visitor picks a winner, then moves on to another battle. The housemates are ranked in PinoySpy’s PinoyBigBrother Battle based on their win percentages. Currently, Nina Atienza and Aldred Gatchalian are in the Top Five with Bianca Gonzales and Cass Ponti — two former housemates who are still very popular to this day. Also in the Top 5 is Jamilla Obispo, possibly the most controversial among the housemates in the PBB Teen Edition, due to early reports of his colorful past involving a teenage pregnancy and a work history in a nightvclub. See the Top 10 in the PinoySpy PBB Battle: Start the PinoyBigBrother Battle:    ...

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Access the PinoySpy.Net forum from your cellphone

Did you know that you can read messages and post replies in the forum from your cellphone? If you have a web browser on your CP, simply go to these URLS: For more info and trouble shooting, visit the Forum thread on this topic. CLICK...

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