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i want my MTV!

there are good mtvs and there are wickedly good mtvs. if all the MTVs are like this one by PAOLA E CHIARA,  i’d be watchin the tube more than surfin’ the net. The title of the song is ” Kamasutra”, nevermind if they sang in italian – the visuals are more than enough to satisfy yur...

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KabastusaN PananalitA

Listahan ng mga bastos na salitang pinoy as translated into english. Para next time murahin ka ng boss mong “puti” ay maiintindihan mo sinasabi nya – makakabawi ka pa kasi alam mo ng sabihin sa ingles yung murang tagalog. O malay mo may makasiping kang “kana”, buti na yun alam mo kung ano tamang ingles na terminohiya at bka masampal ka pa kung mali. Mga lumalabas sa tao (Bodily Fluids, Secretions, and Excrements) amoy kilikili – underarm odor anghit – underarm odor; maanghit – very smelly apdo – bile baho, bantot – smell; mabaho, mabantot – smelly balakubak – dandruff buglit or igit – watery feces (Aklanon) dugo – blood; madugo – bleeder, expensive buwa – smegma, the cheesier, the more buwa it is dumi (dirt) – more polite way of saying tae (see below) dura, lura – saliva, more like spit with the sound dyabong, jabong – slang word for tae (rather onomatopoeic, I must say) evacs – another slang word for tae, comes from evacuate gatas – milk ihi – urine ipot – avian excrement iti (Aklanon) – see ipot kugan – scab (Aklanon) laway – saliva; tulo laway ort-l – love struck as in slobbering or drooling for someone else’s beauty) kulangot – booger kupal – smegma, head cheese; see also buwa luga or tulok, boog (Aklanon)- pus secretion from the ears namamasa, nagtutubig – to...

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Sino mas type mo?

That post about Christine Mendoza got me thinkin’….. Ano ba ang preference na pinoy pagdating sa tsikas ngayon? Kung mapipili mo ang makakasama mo sa iyong “wet dreams” tonite, sino sa kanila ang type mo? CHRISTINE MENDOZA LEAH DIZON Anung klaseng tsikas ba hilig mo – native o leghorn, este kayumanggi o mestiza? Post your preference sa comments, let see what all yah had to say. To help you decide, check out Christine Mendoza’s vidclip again here. Ang kay Leah Dizon naman ay maari mong mapanood...

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On the occasion of Independence day, and since the internet is abuzz these days with HADITHA I thought its appropriate to remind my fellow pinoys of what happened during the so called ” Philippine Insurrection”. “Kill every one over ten.” – Gen. Jacob H. Smith Criminals Because They Were Born Ten Years Before We Took the Philippines. Editorial cartoon from the New York Evening Journal, May 5, 1902. Those were two words General “Jake” Smith as they transformed Balangiga into a “howling wilderness.”. Learn more about it and its aftermath here. Mga kababayang kong pinoy, it is high time that the Filipino people sought an official act of atonement and an official apology from the U.S. government for the countless atrocities committed against Filipinos. Whats happened in haditha is just the latest of a long litany of american atrocities commited in times of war be it in iraq, vietnam, korea or the...

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Pinay, Porn at Politics

Shes no wonder woman but Mimi Miyagi might as well be one. A successful ponstar by international standard, slept with the likes of peter north and t.t.boy to name a few. This pinayam is running for governor in Nevada as a republican. A supporter of the iraq war at the start but she eventually saw the light or rather saw through the lies. the woman even has a campaign platform…read. I’m giving her a zero chance of winning in the states. She should have run for a congressional or senate seat in the philippines, her line of work may raise everyones eyebrow in the hypocritical world of philippine politics but im pretty sure her intentions and aspirations are more in tune with the needs of the masses than MOST of our so-called politicos. Madumi mang ang trabaho nya pero malamang di kasing dumi ng budhi ng mga namumuno sa atin. It’s no wonder our country is in such a sorry state right...

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