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10 Sexy Pinay Babes provided Manny Pacquiao with nutrients!

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuumble! With only less than 12 hours to go before the Manny Pacquiao – Erik Morales “The Finale” fight in Las Vegas today, Manny Pacquiao needs all the support and nutrientes he can get, so yours truly SpyLolo gathered 10 Sexy Pinay Babes who can give Pacman The Destroyer that extra power punch to knock out Erik Morales’ front teeth. # 1. Christine Mendoza Here is sexy Pinay cook Christine Mendoza cooking Manny Pacquiao’s victory dinner. Lots of milk in this recipe for Manny’s strong bones. (Christine Mendoza on eBay. Check it out) # 2. Mavel, Pinay fitness queen Eto Manny, sasayawan ka ng Otso Otso: “Di lang pampatibay ng butong matamlay Ito ay pampahaba pa ng ating buhay… haha hay!” # 3. Katya Santos Katya Santos will blow the Manny Pacquiao victory cake < # 4. Kuhdet Honasan Kuhdet will provide Manny Pacquiao with vitamins B1 and B2. # 5. Weng Ganda of Balut, Tondo Weng Ganda to Manny Pacquiao: “Aha honey, olrayt!” Weng Ganda will be Manny’s punching bag. # 6. Angelica Panganiban Manny needs a tough girl from Tondo. #7. RU Miranda To keep Manny Pacquiao afloat in troubled waters…. #8. Kaye Abad Kaye Abad’s couch is all Manny needs after beating Erik Morales black and blue. #9. Angel Locsin Angel Locsin will kick Erik Morales in the face with her camel...

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PinoySpy survey: Manny Pacquiao to knockout Erik Morales in 7 – 9

An ongoing poll by PinoySpy (see frontpages of and show an overwhelming opinion of a knockout by Manny Pacquiao in his final encounter with Erik Morales. While the turnout of votes favoring a Manny Pacqiao victory by KO was expected, since PinoySpy is not a Mexican website , Filipino voters or fans of Manny were divided on the question of when (in what round) will Pacman knock out El Terrible. Looking for videos of Manny Pacquiao’s knockouts? See our Best Manny Pacquiao videos on YouTube compilation A slight majority believe Eric Morales will fall in rounds 7 to 9, while a slightly fewer number think Manny Pacquiao will go for the KO in rounds 4 to 6. See the results below: Do you want to know SpyLolo’s bet? Morales will be knocked out in...

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Gringo Honasan to watch Manny Pacquiao – Erik Morales in jail

Captured accused coup plotter ex-Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan should not miss the Manny Pacquiao – Erik Morales fight (The Finale) on Nov. 18 (Nov. 19 in the Philippines). Jail guards should provide him with television, as a basic human right. News: Honasan Captured (ABS-CBN) First person account of the arrest: CES ORENA DRILON Gregorio Honasan at Muntinlupa Hospital HELP FOR GRINGO: UNO vows not to abandon...

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BIR lawyer sex scandal in Cagayan de Oro; video sold in VCDs!

BREAKING NEWS! The PinoySpy Institute Scandal Studies (P.I.S.S.) received A1 information of a sex scandal in the Bureau of Internal Revenue Office (BIR) Regional Office (Region 10) in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. The government employees involved, male and female, are both married and part of the sex scandal video clip even showed them in uniform (before they undressed, of course). The BIR Sex scandal has been reported on Sunstar Cagayan De Oro: *Questions rise on sex scandal – mentions that photos of the sex scandal have spread far and wide around the internet; mentions that photos were first circulated via email as early as October 20, 2006; mentions that the woman was confirmed to be a BIR employee. * New sex scandal involves gov’t employees – mentions the existence of the BIR sex scandal, and that it’s being sold in CDs. And we have some more details: The intelligence information I got from PinoySpy agents from the field: * The video is now being sold in VCDs (video CDs) in Cagayan De Oro City, and possibly soon in Quiapo and Sta. Cruz, Manila. The video clip is not animated, but rather a compilation/slideshow of more than 50 pictures saved in video format. * The man is a lawyer from Manila, married, assigned in the Bureau of Internal Revenue Office (BIR) Regional Office (Region 10) in Cagayan De Oro...

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