Four members of the Baywalk BodiesJeanette Joaquin, Palmolive Palma, Clarisse Mercado and Luxx Laurel — are back in Manila after spending more than three weeks in a Guam jail on allegations that they took tips at the tables at the Filipino-owned Alindog Lounge in Harmon District where they were invited to do a sexy show.

They’re now called the Jailwalk Bodies.

The 4 women, and 4 other Filipina entertainers, were granted voluntary departure by a Hawaii judge.

Luxx Laurel (real name Amor Pagilao, 28) came home with the news that she’s two months pregnant with her young Manila-based businessman boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the Filipina owner of Alindog Lounge, Zenaida “Heidi” Reyes, was indicted by a federal grand jury of charges of racketeering, bribery, and visa fraud. She pleaded not guilty.

Before the news of their release, gossip columnists in Manila were reporting that at least two of the four girls had become sickly in detention.

The Baywalk Bodies came to the spotlight last year when they were arrested by Manila police after parading nude at the Manila Bay walk (thus their name). See video below:

Clarissa Mercado

Luxx Laurel

Jeanette Joaquin

Do you believe these girls suffered injustice? Or were they victims of a frameup?