Britney Spears exposes herself

After filing a divorce with KFed, Britney Spears is back to partying, and she’s turned into a girl gone wild with these pics taken during her one of nights out with ultimate wild celeb Paris Hilton and pal Lindsay Lohan.

She has reportedly spent $3,000 for thongs and corsets. It seemed Paris Hilton has a big influence on her right now.

Says an Associated Press report:

Britney Spears is behaving more like her soon to be ex-husband, Kevin Federline, than a pop princess on the verge of a career comeback… she’s unleashing her inner wild child, running around with party girls Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, sporting unflattering hair extensions and flashing her apparently panty-less crotch to the paparazzi..

Fox News asks: Will Britney Spears‘ Pantyless Antics Hurt Her Custody Case?

Britney Spears should probably put some underwear on — or at least avoid being photographed without it — and stop her alleged all-night partying if she wants custody of her two young sons.

Why is Britney Spears behaving badly?

Britney Spears’ exhibitionism could also be her way of getting back at a husband who may not have truly loved her.

The Infamous Photos

Britney Spears no panties