In Bulacan province, Philippines, a chicken died after being raped by a drug crazed local man last Monday morning.

The rapist forcibly inserted his “cock” into the hen’s cloaca, a tight passageway for waste and chicken egg.

The suspect was only identified as Janno, who is a known drug user in the area.

The chicken owner, Ely Antonio Flores, has offered a bounty for his arrest. Flores owned a farm Doña Crispina Homes in Bgy. Agnaya. that breeds fighting cocks, known as “Texas”.

Flores told police he was awakened by noise at around 6 am, and when he checked out his chicken farm, he saw Janno humping one of his chickens.

He said:

“Nabigla si Janno at mabilis na tumakbo. Ni hindi na nga niya naisuot ng maayos ang shorts niya at briefs.”

The hen later died.

Flores said the hen could lay up tp five eggs at a time, and each texas breeder egg could fetch up to P5,000 in the market.

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