Do you have a story that you wish to see in our frontpage, under your name/byline/pen name?

Whether it’s something you saw on TV, heard on radio or witnessed with your two eyes, or something you picked up on the Internet that’s worth sharing (like Digging), then you can be a contributor to PinoySpy Tabloid. If you have original material, that sweeter.

We don’t care how you write, we’re not looking for good writers here.

How it works:

1. You sign up as contributor.
2. You get a username and a password. You get access to the contributors Control Panel (dashboard). You have the option to change your displayed name and use a Gravatar.
3. You write the story (well, not really always a story. Just write what you want to share, not necessarily stories. They could be pictures, or even an opinion. Include URLs if you are sharing a link, and also don’t forget to put quotes (blockquote) on text that you take from your sources (books, websites, interviews).
4. Your story is put on queue (moderation) to be reviewed by an editor, only to make sure it’s now spam or obscene. If it’s a good material it will be posted under an appropriate category.

– If it’s really interesting material, it goes to the frontpage.
– If it’s awesome and tabloidish, it may even be the Top Story (the first bid bold read headline), and may remain the top story until replaced by another one.