Police yesterday raided the house of Congressman Satur Ocampo in Quezon City as they attempted to capture him after a Leyte judged issued a warrant to arrest him for his alleged involvement in the execution of moles (government spies) within the communist insurgency in the mid-80s.

Ocampo, former top ranking leader of the communist-led National Democratic Front, is a congressional representative of Bayan Muna under the bogus party-list system. Bayan Muna has suffered recently from the assasination of its grassroot leaders and organizers by elements of the Philippine military.

The raid on Ocampo’s house came after the military made a big deal of pictures of Community Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison singing and dancing with big-breasted Filipina celebrity Ara Mina at a Christmas party for Filipino immigrants and exiles in the Netherlands.

News reports described the police raid on Satur Ocampo’s house as very cinematic, with policemen in civilian clothes jumping over the congressman’s fence at 11 a.m. They looked under the beds and into cabinets but did not find anything illegal or subversive, not even Playboy magazines.

The overacting cops even raided the neighbor’s house, news reports said.