The beautiful city of Davao is being rocked by a sex scandal allegedly involving a police official, the result of which a homemade sex video has made the rounds of the city and the Internet.

While this has generated a controversy, there is also confusion on whether the videos now circulating on Yahoo groups, forums and emails were the real ones involving the said police officer (rank: chief inspector).

According to spy reports, there is a fake video now being circulated which involved persons davao scandalin another case — the sexual abuse of girl by a policeman in Evergreen Hotel along Ramon Magsaysay Avenue in Davao City. The case had been dismissed by the courts.

“The video is fake… probably involves other people, they just gave it that name (Davao City police sex scandal video) to generate publicity for the case,” said Agent Bodieph.

“The so called video emerged just after narinig na madidismiss ang kaso. So by the next day when the announcement of the dismissal was made, ayun kumalat na yung storya na may video daw,” Bodieph said in the PinoySpy Forum.

More rumors:

* The male on the video was allegedly an police officer with the Davao City Police and the woman was believed to be the wife of a junior military officer.

* The video was allegedly distributed by his estranged wife (a policewoman) who found out about his other relationships and somehow got hold of the video and demanded a hefty amount of money from the policeman in exchange for the video being kept a secret.

Dplgngr reports that the Davao City Police Office has ordered an investigation on the sale of the video in the city, further fueling speculations that there is indeed a video involving the police officer.

The video being circulated on the Net was 28mb in size, but only 10 seconds short and described as blurry.