Boxing’s “Golden Boy” Oscar Dela Hoya gave up after 8th rounds of being pummeled by humiliating, brutal and lightning-speed punches from Filipino boxing superhero Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao dominated Dela Hoya starting from the second round; Dela Hoya’s trainer did not have a hard time convincing him to give up the fight and a badly beaten Dela Hoya, a former US Olympian, had to accept that Pacquiao was simply unstoppable.

With the fall of Dela Hoya, and Pacquiao the moneymaker takes the crown as the new Golden Boy of boxing. —

A badly beaten Dela Hoya concedes that Pacquiao was the better fighter.

Pacquiao Wins in 8th Round vs Dela Hoya
An all-too familiar scene: Manny Pacquiao raises his hands in victory.

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