A female student of Fatima in Valenzuela City is now dead worried that a sex video of hers is now being circulated in the Net with the title Fatima Scandal 2. A friend of hers has posted an appeal in the PinoySpy forum, asking for help to block the circulation of the video usually through file hosting sites such as megaupload and rapidshare.

“Kaylangan pigilan ito dahil masisira image nya dahil sya ay nilasing at nirape some where in Valenzuela (The video has to be blocked because this will ruin her reputation. She was drunk and was raped somewhere in Valenzuela),” the PinoySpy member reported in this forum thread.

Apparently she was not the first Fatima coed to get involved in these so called “sex scandals” since another Fatima Scandal video has long been circulating on the net (Fatima Scandal 1).

Rape is a crime itself and should be condemned. Taking video footages of women being raped is totally barbaric and should not be tolerated.

Unfortunately, blocking the distribution of a file that has already been released on the Net is more like wishful thinking; it’s simply impossible. Stuff on the web are distributed via email, forums, blogs, newsgroups, yahoo groups, file hosting sites, et cetera.

If you have any information on the Fatima Scandal 2, or would like to help the victim, you can contact her friend through this PinoySpy forum discussion.

You may also send us information via our contact form.