While the whole Filipino nation is hailing Manny Pacquiao as a new hero and even Manila Mayor Lito Atienza has announced that the city will erect a Manny Pacquiao statue to honor the boxing champion after his destruction of Erik Morales, a 19-year-old Filipina blogger said the Pacman does not deserve such adulation.

She called him a “monkey.”

Reacting to the news report about the Manny Pacquiao statue on Baywalk, she says on her blog, Mysteryosa.org:

Does winning a boxing match enough for someone the likes of Pacquiao to achieve national hero status? Is it even fair to forget the other athletes who have offered their lives to make us proud and instead focus on this one monkey who throws mean punches every now and then?

The Mysteryosa blogger, who only identified herself as Shari, currently a BA Journalism student in UP Diliman, has gained a lot of supporters to her anti-boxing view, and among the comments posted on her blog questioned Atienza’s motive in riding on Pacquiao’s popularity.

Said another comment:

A statue of a boxer? That is just crazy. They are basically encouraging violence, not preventing it.

PinoySpy Tabloid was informed by the blogger at PinoyStupid (see his comment below) that he, and not Mysteryosa, was the first to call Manny Pacquiao a monkey, in an article titled “Pacquiao. Champion of the monkeys.” Although the PinoyStupid blogger did not directly call Manny Pacquiao a monkey, his title insinuated that his fans are apes.

He said:

Hey, I called him a monkey first. Him and his fans. LOL.

With this latest development, the public is now confused who called Manny Pacquiao a “monkey” first? That distinction is now being disputed between Mysteryosa and PinoyStupid blogger, and the PinoySpy Tabloid, being a non-partisan in this issue, will settle the dispute between the two bloggers.

monkey-boxer.jpgAtienza last Thursday announced that the city government will erect a statue of Pacquiao on Baywalk, a popular park along Roxas Boulevard facing the Manila Bay, to immortalize his contribution to Philippine sports.

“It’s about time that we honor this man who once again brought honor, pride and inspiration to our nation,” Atienza said.

Atienza said a national artist would be commissioned to create the statue, which would be bigger-than-life size.

When erected, the Manny Pacquiao statue will share the limelight on the Baywalk with statues of former Manila Mayor Arsenio Lacson, former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., former Antique Governor Evelio Javier, and a five-piece bronze sculpture depicting the Filipino family.

But the Mysteryosa blog said “boxing is a violent sport, a bloody one, and we’re actually hailing Pacquiao for sharing the instinct serial killers posses.”


SpyLolo: Hindi naman kasalanan ni Manny Pacquiao kung gawan sya ng rebulto. Sisihin nyo si Lito Atienza na sumasakay sa popularity ni Pacquiao. Hoy Lito! Ayusin mo na lang yang basura sa Maynila, di ka tatantanan ni SpyLolo! To Shari, wag ka munang mag-aasawa. You have a bright future.