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The Mawe’s Adobo blog had posted the strongest critique of the TV coverage of the Pacquiao-Barrera “Will to Win” fight, saying it was not the boxers’ lousy blows but “the merciless TV commercials that ruined the whole thing.”

Mawe, the blogger, writes in The Stupid Pacquiao-Barrera II Fight:

GMA-TV’s commercials ran for almost 8 minutes between each round, which is unthinkable and unforgivable, to say the least. Forum posters in Pacland complained about the same thing, and observed that by the time GMA-TV finished broadcasting the main event, everyone was already drunk in Las Vegas. And why not? The ***** broadcast lasted until 4pm, and by that time everyone and his uncle already knew who won and how the fight ended.

GMA-TV had the gall to go after the exclusive rights to broadcast the fight, only to ruin it with never-ending commercials that knocked me out to sleep in between rounds. I started muttering curses at the start of the 3rd round, and by the 5th round I could take it no more.

The blogger noted that there were even commercial breaks in between the singing of the 3 national anthems.

Read more in the blog post: The Stupid Pacquiao-Barrera II Fight

In a related topic in the PinoySpy.Net Forum (Sino mas magaling mgcover ng LABAN ni pacman GMA or ABS ?), “realwired73” says (unedited):

Kung coverage lang pag-uusapan between the 2 network, it is obvious that ABS CBN is better. Marami silang pinalalabas na pre-game analysis compare to GMA. But Chino Trinidad is better than Dyan Castillejo. He definitely knows what he is saying. Nagmana si Chino sa tatay niya na si Recah Trinidad, both are good sport analysis and commentators. Chino has been covering a lot of boxing matches compare to Dyan. He is the right man for the job.

But the best network that covers a boxing match is RPN. Both ABS and GMA has too much commercial interuptions. Usually RPN is just a little delay and not live also. The other 2 network are obviously making a lot of money and are taking advantage on covering Pacquiao matches. 10 minutes or more of commercial per round.