Ryan Ponce Pacpaco of Peoples Journal is hot on the trail of a horny Philippine senator whose last sexcapade was in the restroom of a coffeshop at the posh Rockwell Center in Makati.

Pacpaco reports that the Senator, who belongs to a prominent political clan, locked himself up in the restroom of the coffeeshop with a pretty and sexy girl who entered the restroom ahead of him, as if on cue. The girl was with a group of young women who were sitting in an adjacent table.

Witnesses reported that an aide of the Senator literally prevented other patrons from using the toilet, blocking the entrance as his boss was still inside romping with the girl, described as in her early 20s.

Is this even possible, you may ask, that a high profile personality like a Senator would even think of doing it in a public bathroom, rather than, say, arranging a tryst with the girl in some hotel?

The story would seem unbelievable, but I say it’s not entirely impossible. High-class call girls are known to frequent Rockwell Center, and the Senator was at the right place at the right time. It’s not known if the PRICE IS RIGHT.