Philippine Daily Inquirer, page A16 of the September 18, 2006:

THIS REFERS TO THE NEWS story titled “Palace: file raps vs terror expert.” (PDI, 9/7/06) I noticed that the government has trained its guns on the anti-terrorism expert and not on the breach of security at the airport. This certainly appears like an attempt to cover up the inefficiency of the airport security system by focusing the spotlight on the expert.

I am interested to know if what was assembled was a real or a mock bomb. I do not think the expert was that stupid to set up a bomb that could accidentally explode and kill people.

The spotlight should be trained on the people in charge of airport security and they should explain to the people how the “breach” happened and how they have responded to it for the short and long term—to make us feel more secure and confident with air travel.

—PURA FLOR D. ISLETA, M.D., via e-mail

I totally agree. People in government seem to be more concerned about their egos that they are totally missing the point. Instead of admitting the breach and finding ways to prevent future breaches, they instead keep on insisting there was no breach. Are they waiting for a real terrorist to commit a breach? They keep saying that this “expert” is liable for this and that , to the point that the “expert” has now completely changed his story (most likely out of fear). But what they dont realize is that they should be thankful for that guy. If it was a real terrorist, we would have a blown up plane and lots of dead people instead. Is that what they want to happen before they admit the gaps in security?

One politician had commented before, they shouldnt charge him, they should instead pin a medal on him. Too bad the other politicians don’t seem to feel the same way.