No, Google is not pulling the plug on Brian Gorrell’s controversial blog.

In an earlier blog post, SMACK DOWN? Maybe Not!, Brian Gorrell said:


I have it on Very good authority that my personal BLOG might be shut down very soon.

But in his latest video blog, Brian Gorrell says his lawyer assured him that his blog will not be closed by Google.

Google’s power

Ultimately, Brian Gorrell’s online existence depends on Almighty Google.

People find Brian Gorrell’s blog via Google search engine.

Google hosts the Brian Gorrel blog via its bloghosting service (Blogspot.)

Google hosts Brian Gorrell’s videos since YouTube is owned by Google.

Google also provides online revenue to Brian Gorell via the Google Adsense ads on the blog.

At this time, one can suspect that Mr. Gorrell’s enemies are waging a campaign to have his blog shut down, the YouTube videos be removed, or maybe even his Google Adsense account closed. You can imagine them writing to Google, employing friends, family and paid people to do this en masse.


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