twitter - jason goldman
Image by kohtzy via Flickr

A French hacker had gained access to the admin account of a top-level executive of the popular microblogging site, by hacking into  his Yahoo email account.

Codenamed Hacker Croll, the whiz kid posted 13 screenshots from the Twitter account of Jason Goldman, a director of product management with Twitter. “One of the admins has a yahoo account, i’ve reset the password by answering to the secret question. Then, in the mailbox, i have found her [sic] twitter password,” Hacker Croll said in a bulletin board post in this hackers site.

Goldman himself confirmed that  his Yahoo email account was hacked.

It wasn’t the first time that hackers had gained access to account of Twitter employees. PCWorld had reported that a hacker named GMZ hacked into the account of a Twitter staff by guessing that password, and it turned out to be a weak password: “happiness.”

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