Here are two photos of Princess Velasco , the girl who allegedly was the reason behind the infighting within the circle of friends of Dr. Hayden Kho that resulted in the leak of his sex videos with Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.



Who is Princess Velasco?

Princess Velasco is the Institutional Marketing Manager of the Belo Medical Group

Why is her name being dragged in the Hayden Scandal?

She allegedly had an affair with Hayden while they both worked at the Belo clinic. Velasco’s boyfriend, a certain Bistek, who is a friend of Hayden, reportedly learned about the affair which Princess allegedly confessed. The couple then went to see Dr. Vicky Belo (Hayden’s known girlfriend) and reported Hayden’s infidelity. Princess then supposedly told Belo that Hayden has been keeping videos of his sexual encounters with different women in the condo unit provided by Belo.  Belo then asked another friend of Hayden, Eric Chua, to take Hayden’s laptop from his condo unit and confiscate the hard drive containing the videos.


Belo herself provided some of these details when she admitted she and Hayden recorded a private sex video. See details in: Belo admits sex video with Hayden Kho


As early as January 2009, the “missing link”  in the Hayden scandal story has been floated but nobody paid attention until the videos started leaking May 2009.

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