katrina_halili_maricar-reyes-gagged Silence is golden. Less talk, less mistake.

For Hayden Kho, nothing is more golden than the silence of Katrina Halili, his former lover and now his No. 1 tormentor. His lawyer Lorna Kapunan asked the Department of Justice panel of investigators to prohibit Katrina Halili and other involved parties from giving media interviews.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN is guarding Maricar Reyes from the press and media like the Secret Service, and any attempt to interview the sweet-star-turned-sex-video-star will be blocked, according to media insiders privy to the goings on in the ABS-CBN TV network.

Maricar Reyes has kept her silence despite the five sex videos of her and Hayden Kho that have been leaked by still unknown parties. The latest Maricar Reyes scandal video that was released showed her topless and sleeping while being videotaped. On the other hand, Katrina Halili has gone full blast on her revenge against Hayden, as she asked the government to strip the license of the Belo Clinics for letting Hayden perform liposuctions without being certified. Belo Clinics is owned by Dr. Vicki Belo, Hayden’s lover and benefactor who is also being investigated by the Department of Justice based on the complaint filed by Halili.

Do you agree that Katrina Halili should stop talking and Maricar Reyes should just keep quiet?