hayden-kho-facebook-smallIn a statement that can only be considered as comic, the lawyer for controversial sex doctor Hayden Kho said her client has died, but it was the “old Hayden Kho”. Was attorney Lorna Kapunan referring to Hayden Kho Sr., the father?

No. Apparently, she was referring to the “old Hayden Kho”, the Hayden Kho of the past who brought many women to shame by recording his sexual encounters with them using a hidden webcam on his laptop computer. The videos eventually were leaked to the public, and now text messages are circulating about Hayden’s second suicide attempt.

Kapunan told media the text messages were a prank and that Hayden Kho is very much alive.

“Yes, the old Hayden Kho is dead. The [new] Hayden Kho is reformed and is trying to be better,” Kapunantold ABS-CBN’s SNN.

But Hayden Kho has become apologetic for putting shame on Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Dr. Vicki Belo and President Macagapal Arroyo, and Filipna women in general.