Hayden Kho video No. 7 - Not Bianca AranetaA seventh sex video of Dr. Hayden Kho has recently been uploaded on the internet and is becoming a popular download. This is video No. 7 out of the supposed 40 videos that he had recorded with different women, including Katrina Halili, Dr. Maricar Reyes, Dr. Vicki Belo, and Brazilian model.

This new Hayden Kho scandal video shows Hayden recording a steamy bed scene with a foreigner, or could possibly be a mixed-race Filipina. Some pundits say the woman in this new Hayden video closely resembles actress Bianca Araneta.

This is video no. 7 based on PinoySpy official count.

Hayden Kho video No. 7 - Not Bianca Araneta

Hayden Video No. 7

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Hayden Kho Video No. 7