Hayden Kho hackingExploiting the popularity of the Hayden Kho sex videos, and the mad search for them via Google and other search engines, hackers, phishers and spammers have planted malicious links onto government websites in the US.

A report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoting the security software company Trend Micro, said “malicious software are making their rounds in some US government websites masking themselves as links to the actual sex videos.”

Trend Micro reportedly identified the malicious software as TROJ_DLOAD.TID and TROJ_COGNAC.J, categorized as “trojans,” which carry malicious code that infect computers once downloaded. The files were embedded in at least two US government websites through hacking.

The malicious codes were found in the websites of the San Bernardino County (http://www.sbcounty.gov/) and the information website of Washington DC.

The code inserted a link into the websites which when clicked. The links were purportedly to download the sex vidoes of Hayden Ko and Katrina Halilii, but they asked the unwitting computer user to download a plugin to be able to play the videos. That plugin, called a “codec” actually contained the trojan that’s meant to infect the user’s computer.

Trojans are used to hijack computers, log keyboard strokes and even redirect users to fake websites that collect personal and financial information.