In the latest technology news, Katrina Halili knew even as early as December 2008 that Dr. Hayden Kho had videotaped their sexual trysts, but the embattled doctor assured her that only his girlfriend, that time Dr. Vicky Belo, knew of the videos stored in his computer and that Belo won’t leak them out because “she doesn’t know how to use a computer.”

This information was part of the affidavit filed by Katrina Halili before the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) where she lodged a complaint against Kho seeking to strip him of his medical license in the aftermath of the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex scandal.

In her narration, Katrina Halili said she first heard about rumors of their sex video last December.

GMA-TV reports:

When she confronted Kho, the latter denied the rumors. Later on, the actress said, Kho finally admitted that, indeed, there were video clips of their intimate scenes.

But before it spread like wildfire in the Internet, the actress said the doctor assured her that the videos are in safe hands because only his long time lover has the copy of his hard disk.

“Walang makakanuod nun dahil na kay Vicki yung hard disk ko. Wala siyang pinagbigyan ng copy dhel (dahil) di naman yun marunong mag computer,” Halili’s complaint quoted Kho as saying.

[Nobody can watch that (video) because my (computer’s) hard disk is with Vicky. She did not give any one a copy because she does not know how to use the computer.]

Dr. Hayden Kho’s troubles are not over. There are talks of more videos of Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes to be released.