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North Korea and China have proclaimed their unity as Kim Jon-il met with a senior Chinese envoy.

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USS Pueblo, Pyongyang, North Korea
North Korea
Image by yeowatzup
The USS Pueblo, along with its captain and crew were captured while conducting electronic surveillance operations near the east coast of North Korea in 1968. The captives were released, along with the remains of the one crew member that was killed about a year later. Today the ship is moored in Pyongyang, a trophy of sorts.

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North Korea Revives Border Claim FranceAsia (France Asia Journal)

North Korea

An unprecedented photographic tour of North Korea that examines life under the Kims’ totalitarian regime.

For more than half a century, North Korea has been the epitome of a rogue state. Since the defeat of the Japanese occupation in 1945 it has been a nation apart, ruled by father-and-son autocrats—the late Kim Il-sung, known as the Great Leader, and his successor Kim Jong-il, known as the Dear Leader—who have expanded the cult of personality to unparalleled lengths.

No regime

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