Holy Angel University (HAU) Sex Scandal

Ongoing investigation by the PinoySpy Institute of Scandal Studies (P.I.S.S.) on the Holy Angel University Coed Scandal reveals these raw data:

* The victim is a 4th year nursing student at the Holy Angel University in Angeles City, Pampanga province in the Philippines.

Currently there are two versions of the story, on how a video showing her and an ex-boyfriend was leaked to the public in what is now known as the Holy Angel University Nursing Sex Scandal.

Holy Angel University (HAU) Sex Scandal

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First version: (as reported by pinoyspy agent “david06″ whose friends are classmates of the victim): the victim had her cellphone repaired at a cellphone shop at the Nepo Mall, and a cellphone technician tinkered with her saved video. The video was circulated without her knowledge.

The video reached as far as the Jose B. Lingad General Hospital, the provincial hospital, in San Fernando city, where the victim was having clinical training. She only found out about the video leakage when people started talking about it at JBL

Apparently, the video and the controversy it stirred in the campus caiuht the attention of school authorities. The dean of the College of Nursing called her parents and invited them to a private conference. The student was called to the Dean’s office, and there was her parents and the dean and the staff — they all watched the video together.

Second version: (as reported by pinoyspy agent “joey boy” of angeles city): the victim’s video was borrowed by friend/classmate, who apparently browsed the videos saved in the cellphone. The friend/classmate then sent the file to another cellphone via “bluetooth”.

The student was not expelled despite the scandal, but reports reaching the PinoySpy Scandal Research Center say that she will not be accepted to the school the next semester which is too bad because she’s a graduating student.

But the sad part of this entire scandal is that the victim is now the subject of sick jokes on campus.

Says PinoySpy agent “David06″:

Kawawa nga talga tung girl na to, kasi kahit sa canteen na lang ng school eh pinaguusapan siya, minsan pa nga kwento nila sa akin na pagdumaan siya or punta siya ng canteen, niloloko nila.. Yung bang binabanggit nila ung mga salita na sinabi nya sa video.. buti nga at tinitiis pa nya.. sabagay patapos na rin ang sem..

This incident proves the danger of mis-use of high technology, and should be a warning to women to AVOID getting filmed in private intimate moments. Due to the nature of high tech communication, such private files should never be left on cellphones which could be easily lost or stolen.

Galit na galit na si SpyLolo sa mga manyakis na nagkakalat ng ganitong video. Ireport ang mga manyakis sa kin at ipakukulong ko sila sa Camp Crame.

This scandal is under investigation. Any information on the perpetrators/persons behind the leak of the video, please contact spylolo@pinoyspy.net

The PinoySpy Bureau Staff in Angeles City is trying to contact University officials for their reply on this issue. Stay tuned.

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