In a move that could turn millions of Filipinos into criminals, Bacolod City Rep.  Monico Puentevella has filed House Bill (HB) 472 which seeks to criminalize the possession and distribution of images and videos of private individuals and celebrities engaged in sexual acts.

The proposed law is based on the premise that sexual acts are private in nature, and making them public is a violation of a person’s right to privacy.

Puentevalla cited the Dumaguete Sex Scandal and the kissing scandal involving Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada as examples of “sex scandals” that will fall under the provision of House Bill (HB) 472.

House Bill (HB) 472, if passed into law, will penalize the possession of sex scandal materials or distribution of the same with the intention of making profit.

This will lead to the arrest and prosecution of anybody who makes money from these sex scandal videos, including operators of websites who sell access to these materials or who profit from advertising on websites that openly display these sickening materials.

A number of these “sex scandal” porn sites are hosted on Google’s and in Yahoo Groups. A growing number of websites also openly display videos of these sex scandals which are uploaded by their users with some even allowing child pornography.

But even without this law, PinoySpy legal observers believe that existing laws and jurisprudence provide enough basis for sex scandal victims to go after these culprits, as shown by a number of arrests made on men who had leaked sex videos of their ex-partners.

Here are some government agencies where sex scandal victims can seek help:

Report CyberCrimes and Computer-related crimes to the Criminal Investigation & Detection Group

Dial (632) 726-1575


Police Community Relations Group/For Womens Crisis and Child Protection Office

Dial (632) 723-0401 local 5444/3697 /