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American hip-hop rapper 50 Cent (Photo from his Twitter) and Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao MANILA, Philippines – It appears that American rapper 50 Cent is not yet done with his Twitter attacks against world boxing titlist Manny Pacquiao. 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson in real life, criticized Pacquiao in a series of posts on March 5 for allegedly using steroids, a type of performance …

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Fight Night 016
Manny Pacquiao

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Manny did everything in this fight. Shot for shot these two warriors never stopped trading. Manny refused to stop fighting even after he got a bad cut from a accidental headbutt, he even fought bravely without his mouthpiece for a round, and no matter how bad the damage he was taking he refused to stop trading shots with Morales up until the fight ended. This is my favorite Pacquiao fight, even if he did lose this one. It showed the heart and raw courage of these two true warriors. Mayweather might say “there ain’t anything cool about taking shots”, well after watching this fight, you can’t deny that true fighters aren’t afraid to go toe to toe and show their fighting spirit. This was the first meeting between Pacquiao and Morales. After this fight they fought two more times, with Manny knocking Morales out in both fights. This was the last fight that Manny lost. Note: It was edited for dramatic effect
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