(PinoySpy News Service) — An unidentified Pinay was caught bathing nude outside her home in a crowded neighborhood in Metro Manila, shocking neighbors who saw her from their windows.


Under Philippine laws, public nudity is a violation of city ordinances. Though the suspect was bathing nude within her walled property, her acts are still scandalous based on the social norms of the predominantly Catholic country.

According legal experts interviewed by the PinoySpy reportorial team, the suspect was still liable to public nudity even if she was within her property, because she can been by neighbors and passersby.

“This kind of behavior is not acceptable, what if my children see this? Or what if my husband sees that, don’t you think evil thoughts would enter his mind? That’s scary!” said a concerned mom who saw the pictures.

PinoySpy photo experts believe the suspect is of legal age, and can therefore appear in FHM Philippines or Maxim Philippines.