Jamilla Obispo of Laguna, dubbed by ABS-CBN’s PinoyBigBrother (PBB) Teen Edition as “Teenage Mom ng Laguna“, once worked as a bar girl to support herself after having a baby at age 16, and this has led scandal-hunters to search for an alleged scandalous video involving a male client in a Makati hotel.


Numerous requests have been made left and right for a video of Jamilla Obispo, but we doubt if it even exists. Maybe a figment of imagination? Or another “gimik” by PBB promoters?

Jamilla Obispo – CLICK to enlarge

According to a news report in Taliba, Jamilla was abandoned by her boyfriend and was left to support her child, who even needed a cleft chin operation. She was so desperate to shoulder the operation that she worked in a bar.

Additional info from agent Playboys_9: the bar was AIR FORCE ONE in Paranaque, but she wasn’t a guest relations officer. She was just a “dancer” or what they call a “model.”

Knowing ABS-CBN’s  penchance to generate controversy for its PinoyBigBrother franchise, it’s not far to imagine that this information was leaked out deliberately to generate interest in the PBB Teen Edition, which lacks star materials.

And now that the Pinoy paparazzi has started the hunt for the alleged Jamilla Obispo video, expect more controversies to come up in PinoyBigBrother.