Probably thinking that it’s still World War II and there are still Filipina comfort women, a Japanese hit a Filipina prostitute with a cellphone on the head and punched her for refusing to have sex with him for a “second round.”

The suspect, Ryo Konishi, 25, a resident Granplains Subdivision, Jaro, Iloilo, was arrested by police, but before that, he was mugged (ginulpi or kinuyog) by residents when he was chased outside the motel by two bellboys.

The girl, 20 years old, told police she went with Konishi to the motel to have sex in exchange for money (prostitution). Konishi finished the “first round” but demanded a “second round” of sex from the poor and tired girl.

The girl refused and demanded that Konishi pay her the agreed amount. But the Japanese said he would only pay if she agreed that they have sex again, so he can have another orgasm, and this lead to a heated argument.

The Japanese suspect allegedly grabbed her cellphone and hit her in the face, which of course hurt so much. Not contented, he allegedly punched her in the face.

The girl shouted saklolo and two room boys came to her rescue but the Japanese was quick to get away. But outside, bystanders mugged him and gave him a taste of Filipino street justice.

Women’s groups demand justice for Filipinas who were made sex slaves (comfort women) by the invading Japanese Red Army in World War II.