The Philippine military has called public attention on these photos of Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Ma. Sison, in an obvious attempt to demoralize communist guerillas who are sacrificing life and limb to fight to Joma’s vision of a socialist state in the Philippines.

The photos were posted on Joma’s website,

caption: Jose Maria Sison enjoys the company of voluptuous  Pinay Celeb Ara Mina. It seems they are more than rubbing elbows.


caption: Ara Mina attempts to distract Joma Sison’s political “vision” with a lovely sight of her cleavage.

PinoySpy founder Spy Lolo, in an interview, said “obviously, the military is making a BIG deal out of this.”

“What’s wrong with Joma Sison oggling at Ara Mina’s big boobs? Hey, the man’s been in cold and lonely in the Netherlands. The old man’s entitled to some hot lovin’,” SpyLolo said.

SpyLolo said Lieutenant Colonel Bartolome Bacarro, Armed Forces spokesman has a dirty mind.

“The military wants to convince the public that Joma Sison loves big breasted women, when in fact, it’s not her fault that Ara Mina has big hooters,” SpyLolo said.