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Brianna Gunter The reality mom told Meredith Vieira of ‘The Today Show’ that she doesn’t count apologies via TV or tabloids. Former reality star couple Jon and Kate Gosselin have not resolved their issues since their split, at least not according to Kate. The reality mom of eight told The Today Show ’s Meredith Vieira that she never personally received an apology from her former husband.

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Can’t wait to hear what happens next….

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Kate Gosselin
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I tell ya, ever since Rouge saw an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, he’s been addicted. It seems like there’s a J&K+8 marathon on TLC every other day, which is just fine with Rouge.

I like the show, too. I’d have to say Aaden and Alexis are my favourite (of the sextuplets). Courtesy of CNN
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