From the bedroom to the courtroom.

The fight between actress Katrina Halili and liposuction queen Dr. Vicki Belo, is no longer a battle over the heart and body of Dr. Hayden Kho, but has already spilled into courtroom after the sexy actress filed criminal complaints against the Philippines’ most prominent cosmetic surgeon.

This begs the question: Was Belo really the mastermind in the spread of the videos?

Halili on June 7, 2009 filed charges against Belo and two close friends of Hayden — Engineer Eric Johnston Chua and Dr. Mark Herbert “Bistek”Rosario — for their alleged roles in the spread and uploading of her sex videos with Hayden Kho, further fueling the fire that seems to be dying.

The three were charged with violation of Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004.

Kho was previously charged with the violation of the same law, after videos of him and several women, including Katrina Halili, spread on the Internet.

Katrina Halili told reporters:

“Sinama ko na po sa reklamo ko lahat ng may kinalaman sa uploading ng videos (I included in the complaint all those who had a hand in uploading the videos)”.

According to the complaint, Bello gave Chua and Rosario the keys to Kho’s condominium unit so that they could access Hayden’s laptop computer, after Belo received a tip that her lover (Hayden) was keeping a library of sex videos with different women that he secretly recorded.

Chua denies uploading videos, fingers Belo
Chua, in his affidavit submitted before the National Bureau of Investigation, denied uploading the videos, but he admitted having accessed Hayden’s computer and making a copy of Kho’s sex videos on a DVD. Chua said he gave the DVD to Bello and deleted the files in the hard drive in the presence of Belo. By stating this, Chua implicated Belo as the only person who has possession of the videos.
Belo admits having sex video with Hayden
Katrina Halili’s allegations was supported by an earlier admission from Belo herself that she ordered Chua to get hold of Hayden’s laptop, after she learned that Hayden did not delete their own sex tape (Hayden Kho-Vicki Belo sex video, unreleased). Read: Pandora’s Box: Dr Vicky Belo admits doing sex video with Dr. Hayden Kho