Reuters reports:

CONAKRY, July 8 (Reuters) – Former Liverpool and West Ham striker Abdoulaye Titi Camara has been disqualified from standing for election to the Guinea Football Association because officials say he is not experienced enough.

The 34-year-old has been told he may not stand for the presidency of the Guinean federation because he does not fulfill a rule requiring candidates to have at least four years experience of managing a sports association or football team, the Web site reported.

Titi and his shiny head

BBC reports that former Guinea international Abdoul Karim Bangoura is disappointed.

BBC quotes him:

“I’m disappointed that Titi is being disqualified and I don’t think it’s a good thing for Guinea football…”

“Guinean fans would like Titi to become the new Guinea FA boss because they know that he’s the best man for that position for now.”

PinoySpy football fans believe that Titi should be given the chance. Titi should stand firm and push on, without forcing himself to the position.

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