In Pandacan, Manila, a jeepney driver was shot nine times while urinating at a residential gate at dawn yesterday.

The victim was identified as Alejandro Dela Isla Jr., 31, of President Quirino Ave., Pandacan. He died on the spot.

Witnesses said the victim was shot by a motorcycle-riding man at arond 2:50 a.m. in front of a house on 1884-D President Quirino Avenue.

A witness quoted the victim as telling his killer:

“Taga-rito lang ako sir, parang awa niyo na. (I live just around her sir, please have mercy).”

Urinating in public places is not allowed by law in the Philippines, but the practice is still common because of the lack of public restrooms in most areas and because of the lack of discipline.

Signs saying “Bawal ang umihi dito” (Urinating here is not allowed) are common on fences, building walls and vacant properties.