anal.pngLatest news from Manila says Mayor Alfredo Lim burned 40,000 pesos worth of pornographic and pirated video CD and DVD disks confiscated from a piracy ring in Quiapo Manila.

The crackdown started when Manila Senior Police Officer 3 Amador Jareno, acting as an undercover agent, bought five pirated copies of “Anal Princess Diaries,” after which the police team swooped down on a motel room where CD replicating machines were found.

The five copies of the Anal Princess Diaries, and hundreds of other x-rated movies and pirated DVDs served as evidence against suspected ring leader Basare Macadantay, 29, who had been on the police radar for operating a CD replicating operation from Polly and Pinky Lodging House on Globo de Oro St.

Porn VCDs and DVDs are sold all around Quiapo, site of the historic Quiapo Church. A number of churchgoers are seen buying pirated porn movies after hearing mass.

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