Maybe you have heard about the so-called Maureen Larazzabal scandal video being circulated on the Internet (and being hawked openly in VCDs in the sidewalks of Quiapo, Greenhills and Magallanes), but sorry to disappoint you, the Maureen Larazzabal scandal video is FAKE! Careful analysis by PinoySpy’s Celeb Scandal Investigation (CSI) unit reveals that there is only a physical similarity between Ms Larazzabal and the lead actress in the video, but several angle shots show the marked differences.

My “bubwit” (mole), a close friend of Ms Larazzabal had confirmed to PinoySpy, that Maureen had denied this video and called it a “malaking kalokohan.”


See this fake scandal video: (Warning: These files contain adult material. Do not download if you are below legal age.)



If you prefer the CDs, simply go to Quiapo, Greenhills and Magallanes (or Philcoa in Quezon City) and you can buy them in the sidewalk under the noses of policemen.