basketball-underwearThis may sound totally ridiculous and insane, but a town mayor in the Philippines is now facing criminal and administrative charges for allegedy paying a group of 40 teenage boys to play basketball  in their underwear in a public playground last year.

But Mayor Ramil Del Rosario of Bagac, Bataan, Philippines said the charges were politically motivated, because the incident happened in April 2008 and his opponents were revising it now because of the upcoming elections.

According to the complaint filed with the office of the Ombudsman, Mayor Del Rosario (see his photo below) allegedly offered P200 ($4) per shoot, and P500 to P1,000 ($10 to $20) per person if they played in their underwear. The lawyer who filed the complaint said it’s considered “prostitution.”

Mayor Del Rosario with a friend. He's not gay.

Mayor Del Rosario with a friend.

But Del Rosario he said the boys were already playing in their underwear, when his men spotted them playing in the court. Contrary to the complaint,  he claimed he offered them money so they will get dressed and stop playing half-naked.

Due to the hot tropical weather in the Philippines, men playing basketball shirtless is a common sight, but men playing basketball in their underwear is not yet common.