Is Kris Aquino just not lucky with love?

1. Had a son with an older, married man, Philip Salvador.

2. Had an affair with now retired cager Alvin Patrimonio.

2. Had an affair with another older, married man, Joey Marquez. Kris claimed Joey gave her STD, aside from heart aches.

3. Finally settled and married a much younger man, pro basketball player James Yap, who’s now facing accusation by a receptionist at Belo, a popular cosmetic surgery clinic for celebrities, that they had an 11-month sexual affair.

What do they have in common?

1. All of them are tall.

2. Joey Marquez and Philip Salvador are much way older that Kris.

3. James Yap, Joey Marquez and Alvin Patrimonio all played pro basketball in the Philippine Basketball Association.

Apparently, Kris Aquino keeps falling in love with players. Her husband is not only a basketball player, but he’s also a “playah.”


Kris Aquino is now pregnant, has been hospitalized due to stress from the James Yap-Hope scandal, and admits she’s having marital problems with James Yap.


Will Kris Aquino suffer a meltdown?