fleshasiadailyDr. Hayden Kho not only brought down the country’s top celebrities in his downfall, but some very popular websites too.

The offices of a website where the Hayden Kho “Careless Whisper” dancing video was allegedly first uploaded was raided by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation [newslink], but the website, FleshAsiaDaily.com, continued to post updates as it fights what it claims to be Marcosian censorship of free speech on the Internet.

In the meantime, the very source of the videos — Hayden Kho and his Belle — continue to get kids glove treatment, thanks to their money, influence, connections, and prominence.

In an update posted July 3rd, “We didn’t start the fire, (Warning: age 18+ link, with popups) ” the website posted a pixelated image of President Macapagal Arroyo alongside its usual porn advertisements with the text “Congratulations Madame Prez, you finally deserved an entry in FAD, and followed with a link to a news item about Arroyo’s medical checkup.

The NBI’s Palmer Mallari told media that Fleshasiadaily.com, described in news reports as a pornsite, was the first to introduce the video of Kho and actress Katrina Halili dancing in their underwear inside a room (which later ended up in YouTube) and the explicit sex video of Kho and Dr. Maricar Reyes, and a third video. The website’s alleged owners were invited for questioning after their residence in Cavite City was raided. Based on the laws of the US where the website’s server is located, they are not breaking any Internet regulations but Mallari said they could face anti-pornography charges in the Philippines where they reside.

The website’s popularity continued to grow and with the publicity it made from the NBI raid, it stands to gain more followers.

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