Special Report by Bub Wit (PinoySpy Tabloid correspondent)

Las Vegas, NEVADA — With so many women chasing Manny Pacquiao (for various reasons), sex is always a temptation for sports superstars like Manny Pacquiao.

But Manny Pacquiao is not having sex before his fight against Erik Morales alias El Terible, in their final match dubbed “The Finale”.

Boxing experts at the PinoySpy Sports Center say this is a definite “no, no”!

“Even the great Mohammad Ali was known to abstain from sex six weeks before a fight, because according to him, abstinence makes a warrior out of you,”

….says PinoySpy’s Professor SpyLolo in an interview.

In the movie Raging Bull, Robert De Niro poured ice cream on his weiner before a fight to tame his sexual urge. Also some popular basketball, football and baseball teams separate their players from their wives days before a major game.

SpyLolo believes that sex before a boxing match weakens the legs and lessens the “fighting spirit” of the boxer.

“Manny Pacquiao should be a raging bull when he enters the ring. He should be ready to explode. He should pour it all out on Erik Morales. I’m not referring to his sperms, but to his inner rage,”

…SpyLolo said.

“Only when he wins shall be get the ultimate prize, a great night in bed!”

To illustrate, SpyLolo says “imagine yourself having sex before a basketball game, wouldn’t you get tired easily while playing?”

“It’s because there is no more urge. So the tendency is to weaken and relax.”

“Freddie Roach should make sure Manny Pacquiao does not release his most important body fluids before the fight. All his hormones and sperms should be intact.

Dapat nyang ibuhos lahat kay Erik Morales. Let Erik Morales swallow everything that Manny Pacquiao will give to him,”

…SpyLolo told the PinoySpy Tabloid in an exclusive interview. (PinoySpy Media Bureau)